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Competitor Insight - Referral Leakage?

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Competitor insight - Referral leakage?

Competitor insight - Or Referral leakage?  Whatever you prefer to call it, referrals being made to providers that are not part of your organization or group can indicate a decrease in patient volume and/or revenue. Many times, the leakage will start slowly and grow over time. The referral leakage can amount to millions of dollars in lost revenue. 

We now give you  a glimpse of similar providers and organizations to the selected NPI provider being viewed (in the relationship page).  The data displayed is specific to each provider and organization -- no mock ups here.  You can see where referrals are going and see if there is any referral leakage occurring from your organization.

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This is part of our newer offerings that will give you far deeper insights into a local market. We can provide you details such as a selected distance, zip code, etc. You can define the local market and we can help you discover if the referrals are leaking out of your network or not. Moving your pointer over the data will display data details.