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NPPES Database Reporting has been Updated with NPPES Updates Monitoring

The public NPPES database has been increasing in the volume of data it contains continuously since 2005. The scope of the data has also been updated over the years. Originally, the data was updated on a monthly basis. Starting in 2012, weekly data updates were added to the public data releases.

Since May of 2010, we have been publishing summarizations of the monthly updates highlighting major data indicators. In 2012, we also added weekly data publications.

Our users have asked for more background information in the data, especially data trends. What we have found is that users want to be able to quickly view the important database updates, to explain what is important and why, in simple and concise text. In November 2017, we have launched our AI-driven Dashboard Analytics tool that explains database updates in plain English and delivers custom reports to our users.

These insightful dashboard-style database reports are delivered right to the user's inbox highlighting the most important and interesting insights on the national Provider and Organizational data, including weekly and monthly updates.

Our users can immediately understand what's driving the updates with in-depth analysis on updates, additions & deactivations, specialties, states and cities. These easy to understand reports are automatically sent for all of the monthly and weekly updates.

We realize that users have enough on their plate, which is why we make setting up your NPPES Database Updates as easy as possible. All we need is the email address so we can send the updates.

You can sign-up for free by following this link where you can also view a sample report.