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NPI Monitoring Video

NPI Monitoring overview presented in a video

NPI Database Video updates 7/6/2020

NPI updates for 7/6/2020 presented in a video

13,213 NPPES database individual updates released on 7/6/2020

This weeks' update had more updates that the previous one. The total number of NPI updates encompasses the following: 2,964 Organization updates, 13,213 individual updates and 482 deactivations.

Weekly NPI Dashboard Monitoring for 6/30/2020 have 3,390 updates for organizations

This weeks' update had 1,791 less updates that the previous one. A detailed breakdown of the update data is as follows: 3,390 Organization updates, 15,497 individual updates and 542 deactivations.

NPPES database weekly modifications released on 6/22/2020 includes 3,273 updates for organizations

The latest weekly update have jumped to 4,308 records. A detailed breakdown of the update data is as follows: 3,273 Organization updates, 13,840 individual updates and 525 deactivations.

21,946 NPPES database updates released on 6/16/2020

The weekly National Plan and Provider Enumeration System(NPPES) database release went down by 4,821 records. NPI database changes in this weekly update have the following details: 4,217 Organization updates, …