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NPPES Database Reporting has been Updated with NPPES Updates Monitoring

The public NPPES database has been increasing in the volume of data it contains continuously since 2005. The scope of the data has also been updated over the years. Originally, the data was updated on a monthly basis. Starting in 2012, weekly data updates were added to the public data releases.

NPI Monitoring Available Now

FREE NPI Monitoring service available to all.

Data Visualization for your referral data

We are very happy to introduce an update to our offerings. If you have seen the data visualization on the NPI relationships pages - displaying top 10 referral sources and destinations for a provider or organization, we now give you the same data visualization to you when you purchase top 40 referral sources and destinations.

Competitor Insight - Referral Leakage?

Competitor insight - Or Referral leakage?  Whatever you prefer to call it, referrals being made to providers that are not part of your organization or group can indicate a decrease in patient volume and/or revenue. Many times, the leakage will start slowly and grow over time. The referral leakage can amount to millions of dollars in lost revenue.

Significant Referral Data Update - 2015 included

The referral data is now available for 2009 to 2015. This update encompasses 90GB of raw data we have incorporated into our system.

Referral Data Files updated

We have updated the information that is included in the referral data available for sale.  The updates should be helpful as you take a look at the information.