Taxonomy Code 103TP2701X

The directory of Group Psychotherapists in Newton Centre, Massachusetts was last updated 3/24/2020

Group Psychotherapists
Taxonomy Code 103TP2701X

Classification: Psychologist


A psychologist who specializes in group psychology and group psychotherapy that is an evidenced-based specialty that prepares group leaders to identify and capitalize on developmental and healing possibilities embedded in the interpersonal/intrapersonal functioning of individual group members as well as collectively for the group. Emphasis is placed on the use of group dynamics to assist and treat individual group members. The specialty is applicable to all age groups, children, adolescents, adults and older adults, for a wide variety of conditions and concerns, and in numerous and diverse settings.


American Psychological Association,
[1/1/2007: modified title, 1/1/2019: new definition]

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The APA specialty is "Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy."