The Local Healthcare Market Benchmark Study

Powered by our Healthcare Network Analytics engine, helping you gain insights into the local network of healthcare.

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What is the healthcare network like in your local market? How are healthcare providers finding new patients?

Our team spent over 2,000 hours looking at data from 42,028 zip codes trying to answer questions like these to arm you with the data you need to make key business decisions.

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Referral Data to support your Decisions

The referral patterns of local markets indicate the volume of the healthcare market. When viewing the healthcare providers and organizations locally, we can help you create an effective strategy. This section answers questions like:

  • Are referrals increasing or decreasing?
  • How do the referrals of this zip code compare to the states referrals?
  • How do the referral numbers shift over time?
  • How do ibound referrals compare to outbound referrals?

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Top Medicare Payment Recipients

The providers and organizations in this list have received the highest payments from Medicare in the selcted zip code. This section helps you by showing the following:

  • Who are the top earners
  • See how much money they received
  • View their practice address
  • See their detailed information, such as their top referral referral sources

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Demographic Information

Healthcare is a rapidly evolving industry. In this study, we identified key trends based on research into 42,028 zip codes to help you answer questions like:

  • What is the life expectancy of the population?
  • What is the household size?
  • What is the average income?
  • How many households have children living in them?

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