Currently, 53 products are in the National Drug Codes database by Allegiant Health.

Each product can have multiple packaging varieties. When you select the NDC, all varieties will be displayed.

NDC Database last updated 12/26/2018

69168-261 Acetaminophen Phenylephrine HCl
69168-048 Allergy
69168-277 Allergy
69168-346 Allergy Softgel
69168-309 Allergy Relief
69168-310 Allergy Relief
69168-243 Anti Gas Extra Strength
69168-904 Anti-Gas
69168-312 Aspirin
69168-288 Aspirin Chewable
69168-318 Aspirin Enteric Coated
69168-331 Aspirin Enteric Coated
69168-046 Bismuth
69168-219 Calcium Antacid
69168-229 Calcium Antacid
69168-023 Childrens Pain Relief
69168-302 Cold and Allergy
69168-319 Cold Multi-Symptom Night-time
69168-323 Cold Multi-Symptom Day-time
69168-324 Cold Multi-Symptom
69168-356 Day Time Cold and FlueNon drowsy Non drowsy
69168-285 Headache Relief Extra Strength
69168-335 Ibuprofen Fast relief medicine for pain
69168-338 Ibuprofen Pain reliever/fever reducer
69168-363 Ibuprofen Liqui-gels
69168-226 Laxative
69168-354 Mucus Relief D Immediate Release
69168-543 Mucus Relief DM Immediate Release
69168-345 Mucus Relief DMImmediate Release Immediate Release
69168-330 Mucus ReliefImmediate Release Immediate Release
69168-361 Naproxen All day relief for pain
69168-362 Naproxen Caplets All day relief for pain
69168-632 Naproxen Sodium
69168-272 Nasal Decongestant PE Maximum Strength Non-Drowsy
69168-357 Night Time Cold and Flue Relief
69168-353 Pain Relief Extra Strength Easy to Swallow
69168-328 Pain Relief Extra Strength
69168-235 Pain Relief Extra Strength
69168-353 Pain Relief Easy to Swallow Extra Strength Easy to Swallow
69168-267 Pain Relief PM Extra Strength
69168-234 Pain Relief Regular Strength
69168-235 Pain ReliefExtra Strength Extra Strength
69168-375 Ranitidine 150
69168-270 Sinus Headache PEMaximum Strength Non-Drowsy Maximum Strength Non-Drowsy
69168-263 Sleep Aid
69168-247 Sleep Tabs For Nighttime use
69168-913 Sound Body Extra Strength Pain Reliever
69168-914 Sound Body Ibuprofen
69168-762 Sound Body Pain Relief PM
69168-910 Sound Body Sleep Aid
69168-076 Stay Awake
69168-314 Stool Softener
69168-029 Tension Headache Relief