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NDC Database last updated 7/9/2019

76281-301 Childrens Allergy Relief
76281-313 Childrens Allergy Relief
76281-318 Childrens Mucus Relief Chest Congestion
76281-314 Childrens Mucus Relief Chest Congestion Plus Cough
76281-315 Childrens Nighttime Cold and Cough
76281-302 Childrens Pain and Fever
76281-506 Day Time Non-Drowsy Cold - Flu Relief
76281-319 Maximum Strength Adult Allergy Relief
76281-308 Nighttime Cough
76281-522 Nighttime Sleep-Aid Non-Habit Forming
76281-501 Nite-Time COLD/FLU Medicine
76281-502 Nite-Time COLD/FLU Medicine Cherry
76281-312 Severe Cough and Congestion Maximum Strength
76281-538 Stomach Relief - Maximum Strength
76281-537 Stomach Relief - Regular Strength
76281-309 Tussin
76281-311 Tussin CF
76281-310 Tussin DM
76281-306 XL-3 Day Time
76281-304 XL-3 Day Time
76281-305 XL-3 Xtreme
76281-307 XL-3 Xtreme