Currently, 21 products are in the National Drug Codes database by Babor Cosmetics America, Corp..

Each product can have multiple packaging varieties. When you select the NDC, all varieties will be displayed.

NDC Database last updated 12/26/2018

44924-124 3D Lifting
44924-004 BABOR Baborganic Age Preventing Body Cream
44924-003 BABOR Baborganic Biological Enzyme Cleanser
44924-005 BABOR Baborganic Calm and Relax
44924-010 BABOR Baborganic Crystal Face Scrub
44924-011 BABOR Baborganic Crystal Face Scrub CP
44924-006 BABOR BODY LINE THERMAL Firming Body
44924-111 Babor Body Line Thermal Smooth Effect Body
44924-014 BABOR Cleansing Gel and Tonic
44924-013 BABOR CLEANSING Mild Cleanser
44924-008 BABOR Cleansing Mild Peeling
44924-012 BABOR CLEANSING Rose Toning
44924-016 BABOR Collagen Booster
44924-009 BABOR HSR Glamour Lifting
44924-020 BABOR HSR Glamour Lifting CP
44924-001 BABOR HSR Lifting
44924-018 BABOR HSR Lifting Decollete Mask
44924-019 BABOR HSR Lifting Decollete Mask CP
44924-002 BABOR HSR Lifting Eye Cream
44924-017 BABOR Selection Ultimate Care
44924-015 BABOR SKINOVAGE OXYGEN Energizing CP
44924-112 BABOR Stop Cellulite
44924-118 Baborganic Pure Energizing Skin
44924-122 Baborganic Pure Line Reducing
44924-123 Derma Refiner Day Skin Perfecting Set
44924-116 DR. BABOR DERMA CELLULAR Detoxifying Vitamin SPF 15
44924-117 DR. BABOR DERMA Cellular Detoxifying Vitamin SPF 15 CP
44924-113 DR. BABOR DERMA CELLULAR Ultimate Firming Decollete Mask
44924-114 DR. BABOR DERMA CELLULAR Ultimate Firming Eye
44924-132 Dr. Babor Purity Cellular Ultimate Blemish Reducing Duo
44924-115 DR. BABOR Ultimate Vitamin CP
44924-101 High Protection Sun SPF 30
44924-102 High Protection Sun SPF 30
44924-100 Moderate Protection Sun SPF 15
44924-119 PURE SELECT Purifying Anti-Aging
44924-120 PURE SELECT Purifying Anti-Aging CP
44924-121 PURE SELECT Purifying Anti-Aging
44924-125 Skinovage Nanocell Age Protecting
44924-126 SPA Mediterranee for hands Repair Hand