Currently, 24 products are in the National Drug Codes database by Bestco Inc..

Each product can have multiple packaging varieties. When you select the NDC, all varieties will be displayed.

NDC Database last updated 12/26/2018

52642-226 Alka Seltzer
52642-227 Assorted Fruit
52642-229 Assorted Fruit Panned
52642-010 Best Health Sore Throat Relief Cherry Flavor
52642-101 BestCo Inc.
52642-002 BestHealth Cherry
52642-009 BestHealth Cough Suppressant SUGAR FREE BLACK CHERRY FLAVOR
52642-008 BestHealth Cough Suppressant SUGAR FREE HONEY LEMON FLAVOR
52642-005 BestHealth Honey Lemon
52642-001 BestHealth Menthol
52642-022 Cherry Antacid Soft Chews
52642-019 Cherry Antacid Softchew
52642-014 Cherry Cough Drop
52642-012 Cherry Cough Drop
52642-024 Cherry Cough Drop
52642-026 Cherry Cough Drop
52642-025 Honey Lemon Cough Drop
52642-013 Honey Lemon Cough Drop
52642-011 Honey Lemon Cough Drop
52642-015 Honey Lemon Cough Drop
52642-023 Menthol Cough Drop
52642-100 Menthol cough drops
52642-021 Orange Antacid Softchew
52642-016 SF Menthol Cough Drop
52642-020 Strawberry Cough Drops
52642-017 Throat Relief Lozenges
52642-018 Throat Relief Pops
52642-225 Tropical Panned
52642-230 Tropical Panned
52642-232 Zicam Cold Remedy Soft Chews
52642-231 Zicam Kids Cold Relief Remedy