Currently, 60 products are in the National Drug Codes database by Care One (American Sales Company).

Each product can have multiple packaging varieties. When you select the NDC, all varieties will be displayed.

NDC Database last updated 12/26/2018

41520-129 All Day Allergy Antihistamine
41520-211 All Day Allergy
41520-520 Anti-Diarrheal
41520-370 aspirin Regular strength
41520-440 Aspirin Enteric Safety Coated
41520-030 Aspirin
41520-228 Aspirin Enteric Safety Coated
41520-613 Childrens Cold and Cough
41520-454 Childrens Cough Relief
41520-297 Childrens Plus Cough and Runny Nose
41520-704 Childrens Plus Multi Symptom Cold
41520-890 Cold and Allergy
41520-308 Cough Relief
41520-872 Daytime Nighttime Cold Flu Relief
41520-491 DayTime Nitetime cold and flu relief
41520-446 DayTime NiteTime Cold Flu Relief
41520-051 Drowz Away Maximum strength
41520-252 Drowz Away Maximum strength
41520-242 Gas Relief Extra Strength
41520-487 Gas Relief Extra Strength
41520-550 Gas relief Extra Strength
41520-019 Gentle Laxative Stimulant Laxative
41520-120 gentle laxative for women stimulant laxative
41520-195 Ibuprofen
41520-142 Laxative pills maximum strength
41520-492 Laxative Pills Maximum Strength
41520-326 Magnesium Citrate
41520-329 Magnesium Citrate
41520-093 Menstrual Relief Maximum Strength
41520-334 Mineral Oil
41520-630 Motion Sickness Relief Original Formula
41520-036 Mucus Relief Cold Flu and Sore Throat Maximum Strength
41520-037 Mucus Relief Maximum Strength Severe Congestion and Cough
41520-071 Multi Symptom Nitetime
41520-068 Multi-Symptom Cold and Flu DayTime
41520-075 Naproxen Sodium
41520-034 Nighttime Sleep Aid
41520-480 Nitetime cold and flu relief
41520-445 Nitetime Cold Flu Relief
41520-103 safety coated aspirin
41520-486 Senna laxative
41520-180 Senna laxative Natural vegetable laxative
41520-182 Senna S
41520-062 Senna S
41520-785 Senna S Orange
41520-099 Sinus Daytime
41520-101 Sinus Nighttime
41520-231 Sleep Aid maximum strength
41520-236 Sleep Aid Maximum Strength
41520-176 Sore Throat Cherry
41520-377 Sore Throat Menthol
41520-425 Stomach Relief Regular Strength
41520-584 Stool Softener Plus Stimulant Laxative
41520-022 Stool Softener and Stimulant Laxative
41520-244 Stool Softener Gentle Relief
41520-378 Triacting Day Time Cold and Cough Childrens
41520-383 Tussin Cough Long Acting
41520-385 Tussin DM Cough and Chest Congestion