Currently, 67 products are in the National Drug Codes database by Dolgencorp, Inc. (DOLLAR GENERAL & REXALL).

Each product can have multiple packaging varieties. When you select the NDC, all varieties will be displayed.

NDC Database last updated 12/26/2018

55910-220 All Day Allergy Relief 24 HOUR
55910-091 Allergy Childrens Allergy
55910-221 Allergy Relief All Day
55910-129 Allergy Relief All Day
55910-483 Allergy Relief Dye Free
55910-690 Allergy Relief
55910-720 Allergy Relief Antihistamine
55910-520 Anti-Diarrheal
55910-297 Childrens Plus Cough and Runny Nose
55910-298 Childrens Plus Cough and Runny Nose
55910-031 Childrens Plus Flu
55910-043 Childrens Plus Multi Symptom Cold
55910-303 Childrens Plus Multi Symptom Cold DYE FREE
55910-890 Cold and Allergy Maximum Strength
55910-309 Cough Relief Adult
55910-230 DG Health Maximum Strength Sleep Aid
55910-584 DM Cough and Congestion Relief Adult non-Drowsy Sugar Free
55910-242 EZ Nite Sleep
55910-037 Fast Acting Mucus Relief Maximum Strength Severe Cough and Congestion
55910-042 Gas Relief Extra Strength
55910-530 Gas Relief AntiGas
55910-487 Gas Relief Extra Strength
55910-525 Headache Relief Extra Strength
55910-247 Headache Relief Extra Strength
55910-184 Headache Relief Extra Strength
55910-199 Ibuprofen
55910-023 Ibuprofen
55910-121 Ibuprofen
55910-408 Ibuprofen
55910-565 Ibuprofen PM
55910-190 Laxative Enteric Coated
55910-140 Laxative Pills Maximum Strength
55910-245 Laxative pills Maximum Strength
55910-412 Miconazole Nitrate
55910-620 Motion Sickness Relief
55910-336 Mucus Relief Cold Flu and Sore Throat Maximum Strength
55910-033 Mucus Relief Cold and Sinus Maximum Strength
55910-505 Mucus Relief DM Maximum Strength
55910-338 Mucus Relief DM Max Maximum Strength Fast Acting
55910-013 Mucus Relief Severe Cough and Congestion
55910-075 Naproxen Sodium
55910-471 Night Time Cold and Flu Relief
55910-114 Night Time Sleep Aid
55910-240 Nighttime Sleep Aid Maximum Strength
55910-480 Nitetime cold and flu relief
55910-045 NiteTime Cold plus Flu Releif
55910-021 Pain and Fever Relief Infants
55910-282 Pain Relief Childrens
55910-136 Peptic Relief Cherry
55910-409 Salicylic Acid
55910-312 Salicylic Acid
55910-404 Salicylic Acid
55910-486 Senna Laxative
55910-617 Severe Cold and Cough Night Time
55910-801 Severe Cold and Cough Relief Daytime
55910-236 Sleep Aid Maximum Strength
55910-372 Stomach Relief Regular Strength
55910-238 Stool Softener
55910-150 Stool Softener Maximum Strength
55910-258 Stool Softener Maximum Strength
55910-244 Stool Softener
55910-000 Stool Softener Plus Stimulant Laxative
55910-044 Stool Softener
55910-378 Triacting Daytime Cold Cough Childrens
55910-410 Undecylenic Acid
55910-029 Undecylenic Acid
55910-120 womans laxative