Currently, 16 products are in the National Drug Codes database by DZA Brands, LLC.

Each product can have multiple packaging varieties. When you select the NDC, all varieties will be displayed.

NDC Database last updated 12/26/2018

55316-243 Antibacterial Hand
55316-003 Anticavity
55316-213 Anticavity Fluoride Rinse
55316-318 Antiseptic
55316-072 Antiseptic Mouth Rinse
55316-664 Antispetic
55316-001 Body
55316-027 Cherry Sore Throat Lozenges
55316-013 cold, flu and sore throat
55316-009 Daily Oatmeal
55316-017 Dandruff
55316-309 Dandruff
55316-311 Dandruff
55316-281 Dandruff
55316-296 Dry Scalp Care
55316-602 epsom salt
55316-153 Everyday Clean Dandruff
55316-951 Hand Sanitizer
55316-403 Hand wash
55316-942 Health
55316-315 Healthy Accents Moisture Healing
55316-054 Healthy Accents 12 Hour Nasal Decongestant maximum strength
55316-368 Healthy Accents All Day Pain Relief
55316-490 healthy accents all day pain relief
55316-571 healthy accents aller ease 24 hour
55316-379 healthy accents allergy
55316-476 healthy accents allergy multi symptom
55316-165 healthy accents allergy and congestion relief 24 hour non drowsy
55316-479 healthy accents allergy relief
55316-462 healthy accents allergy relief
55316-586 Healthy Accents allergy relief
55316-612 Healthy accents allergy relief
55316-719 Healthy Accents Allergy Relief
55316-998 healthy accents allergy relief
55316-962 healthy accents antacid
55316-881 healthy accents antacid
55316-595 Healthy Accents Antacid
55316-485 healthy accents antacid
55316-489 healthy accents antacid
55316-478 healthy accents antacid
55316-340 healthy accents antacid
55316-179 healthy accents antacid extra strength
55316-014 healthy accents antacid
55316-224 healthy accents anti diarrheal
55316-645 Healthy Accents Anti Diarrheal
55316-622 Healthy Accents Anti Itch
55316-801 Healthy Accents Antibacterial Body Wash Spring Fresh
55316-829 Healthy Accents Antifungal
55316-544 healthy accents arthritis pain relief
55316-966 Healthy Accents Arthritis Pain Relief
55316-535 Healthy Accents Aspirin
55316-274 healthy accents aspirin
55316-467 healthy accents aspirin
55316-416 Healthy Accents Aspirin
55316-533 Healthy Accents athletes foot antifungal
55316-458 healthy accents cetirizine hydrochloride
55316-176 Healthy Accents Cetirizine-D
55316-475 Healthy Accents Childrens Allergy
55316-974 healthy accents childrens allergy
55316-031 Healthy Accents Childrens Cold and Cough
55316-288 Healthy Accents Childrens Mucus Relief
55316-005 healthy accents childrens multi symptom fever and cold
55316-306 healthy accents clear lax
55316-707 healthy accents cleartime
55316-496 healthy accents cold
55316-402 Healthy Accents Cold Head Congestion
55316-906 healthy accents cold and allergy childrens
55316-599 Healthy Accents Cold and Cough
55316-987 healthy accents cold and cough DM
55316-500 Healthy Accents Cold and Flu
55316-393 healthy accents cold head congestion
55316-234 Healthy Accents cold head congestion daytime non drowsy
55316-407 Healthy Accents Cold Sore Treatment
55316-173 healthy accents complete lice treatment
55316-173 healthy accents complete lice treatment
55316-101 healthy accents complete lice treatment
55316-504 healthy accents congestion relief
55316-541 healthy accents cortisone maximum strength
55316-666 healthy accents cough and sore throat night time
55316-384 healthy accents cough relief
55316-090 healthy accents day time night time
55316-656 healthy accents daytime
55316-994 healthy accents daytime
55316-215 healthy accents daytime cold and flu
55316-090 healthy accents daytime nighttime
55316-597 healthy accents daytime nighttime cold and flu
55316-580 Healthy Accents Daytime Nighttime Cold and Flu
55316-002 healthy accents enema
55316-141 Healthy Accents Famotidine
55316-194 Healthy Accents Famotidine maximum strength
55316-321 healthy accents famotidine calcium carbonate magnesium hydroxide
55316-428 Healthy Accents Gas Relief
55316-882 Healthy Accents Gas Relief
55316-430 Healthy Accents headache relief added strength
55316-400 Healthy Accents Hemorrhoidal
55316-394 Healthy Accents hemorrhoidal
55316-188 Healthy Accents Hemorrhoidal
55316-279 healthy accents hemorrhoidal
55316-160 Healthy Accents hemorrhoidal
55316-678 Healthy accents hemorrhoidal
55316-897 healthy accents ibuprofen
55316-647 Healthy Accents ibuprofen
55316-604 healthy accents ibuprofen
55316-517 Healthy Accents ibuprofen
55316-521 healthy accents ibuprofen
55316-166 Healthy Accents ibuprofen childrens
55316-057 healthy accents ibuprofen infants
55316-255 healthy accents ibuprofen
55316-299 Healthy Accents Ibuprofen
55316-461 Healthy Accents Ibuprofen
55316-050 healthy accents ibuprofen pm
55316-161 Healthy Accents infants pain and fever
55316-117 healthy accents lansoprazole
55316-588 Healthy Accents Maldroxal
55316-851 healthy accents maldroxal
55316-081 healthy accents miconazole 3
55316-214 healthy accents miconazole 7
55316-825 healthy accents miconazole 7
55316-374 Healthy Accents migraine formula
55316-396 Healthy Accents milk of magnesia
55316-949 Healthy Accents Milk of Magnesia
55316-799 Healthy Accents Mucus Relief Severe Cold
55316-922 Healthy Accents Mucus Relief Severe Congestion and Cold
55316-498 Healthy Accents Mucus Relief
55316-381 Healthy Accents Mucus Relief cold flu and sore throat
55316-325 Healthy Accents Mucus Relief
55316-145 Healthy Accents Mucus Relief cold and sinus
55316-144 healthy accents mucus relief D
55316-735 Healthy Accents Mucus Relief DM
55316-903 healthy accents multi symptom cold
55316-049 Healthy Accents muscle ultra strength
55316-563 Healthy Accents Muscle Rub
55316-742 healthy accents naproxen sodium
55316-699 healthy accents naproxen sodium
55316-701 Healthy Accents Naproxen Sodium
55316-140 Healthy Accents Naproxen Sodium
55316-065 healthy accents nasal
55316-304 healthy accents nasal original
55316-648 Healthy Accents Nasal
55316-443 Healthy Accents Nasal Allergy
55316-432 Healthy Accents Nasal Decongestant
55316-094 healthy accents nasal decongestant maximum strength
55316-007 Healthy Accents Nasoflow
55316-029 healthy accents nicotine
55316-422 Healthy Accents Nicotine
55316-344 Healthy Accents Nicotine
55316-668 Healthy Accents Night Time Cough
55316-908 healthy accents nighttime cold and flu
55316-977 Healthy Accents nighttime cold and flu
55316-041 Healthy Accents Nighttime Cold and Flu
55316-056 healthy accents nighttime cold and flu
55316-335 healthy accents nighttime cold and flu
55316-459 healthy accents nighttime cold and flu
55316-090 Healthy Accents Nighttime Daytime Cold and Flu
55316-431 healthy accents nighttime sleep aid
55316-915 healthy accents omeprazole
55316-917 healthy accents pain relief
55316-411 Healthy Accents Pain Relief
55316-484 Healthy Accents Pain Relief extra strength
55316-104 Healthy Accents Pain Relief
55316-105 healthy accents pain relief childrens
55316-130 healthy accents pain relief
55316-046 healthy accents pain relief
55316-008 healthy accents pain relief infants
55316-437 Healthy Accents Pain Relief PM Extra Strength
55316-751 healthy accents pain relief pm
55316-852 Healthy Accents Ranitidine
55316-047 healthy accents ranitidine
55316-096 healthy accents severe cold daytime
55316-964 Healthy Accents Severe Cold
55316-886 healthy accents sinus
55316-565 healthy accents sinus day time
55316-886 healthy accents sinus congestion and pain daytime nighttime
55316-272 healthy accents sinus congestion and pain day time
55316-936 Healthy Accents Sinus Relief
55316-997 healthy accents sinus relief
55316-441 healthy accents sleep aid
55316-186 healthy accents sleeptime
55316-052 Healthy Accents Sleeptime
55316-328 healthy accents sore throat
55316-409 Healthy Accents Stay Awake
55316-469 healthy accents stomach relief
55316-337 healthy accents stomach relief
55316-302 healthy accents stomach relief original strength
55316-084 Healthy Accents Stomach Relief
55316-486 healthy accents stool softener
55316-426 healthy accents tioconazole 1
55316-181 Healthy Accents Triple Antibiotic
55316-067 Healthy Accents triple antibiotic
55316-679 healthy accents triple antibiotic
55316-444 healthy accents tussin
55316-516 healthy accents tussin cf
55316-310 healthy accents tussin chest congestion adult
55316-300 Healthy Accents Tussin Cough Adult
55316-359 healthy accents tussin dm
55316-553 Healthy Accents Tussin DM cough and chest congestion
55316-578 healthy accents tussin dm adult sugar free
55316-055 HOME 360 moist
55316-020 Honey Lemon Cough Drop
55316-021 Honey Lemon Cough Drop
55316-019 Menthol Cough Drop
55316-018 menthol cough drops
55316-831 Mineral Oil
55316-023 Natural Herbal Cough Drop
55316-022 Natural Herbal Cough Drops
55316-012 Nighttime Cold and Flu
55316-947 Oil Free Acne Wash
55316-069 Pure petroleum
55316-025 SF Cherry Cough Drop
55316-026 SF Honey Lemon Cough Drop
55316-024 SF Menthol Cough Drops
55316-434 Tartar control plus
55316-205 Therapeutic