Currently, 12 products are in the National Drug Codes database by Everett Laboratories, Inc..

Each product can have multiple packaging varieties. When you select the NDC, all varieties will be displayed.

NDC Database last updated 12/26/2018

0642-3010 Reaphirm Plant Source DHA
0642-0120 Select OB
0642-0077 Select OB
0642-0075 Select-OB Plus DHA Prenatal Supplement Plus DHA
0642-0204 Strovite Forte Caplet
0642-0207 Strovite One Caplets
0642-0070 Vitafol One
0642-0072 Vitafol Caplet
0642-0092 Vitafol Plus
0642-0093 Vitafol Ultra
0642-0094 Vitafol Nano
0642-0076 Vitafol-OB Plus DHA Prenatal Supplement Plus DHA