Currently, 36 products are in the National Drug Codes database by Filo America.

Each product can have multiple packaging varieties. When you select the NDC, all varieties will be displayed.

NDC Database last updated 12/26/2018

50438-303 Amber Mouth Rinse
50438-605 basic essentials dandruff everyday clean
50438-607 basic essentials dandruff dry scalp
50438-606 basic essentials dandruff (clean and conditioner) 2 in 1 everyday clean
50438-301 Green MINT Mouth Rinse
50438-501 Ice ANALGESIC
50438-210 Oil-Free Acne Wash
50438-102 Pacific Anti-bacterial Hand Cleanse Blueberry Essence
50438-101 Pacific Anti-bacterial Hand Cleanse Kiwi Essence
50438-103 Pacific Anti-bacterial Hand Cleanse Peach Essence
50438-104 Pacific Anti-bacterial Hand Cleanse Strawberry Essence
50438-302 Peppermint Mouth Rinse
50438-602 Royal Antibacterial (apple and pear) moisturizing hand cleanse
50438-600 Royal Antibacterial (coconut and lime)
50438-603 Royal Antibacterial (coconut and lime) moisturizing hand cleanse
50438-601 Royal Antibacterial (mango)
50438-003 Royal Antibacterial apple and pear
50438-004 Royal Antibacterial mango Moisturizing Hand
50438-105 Royal Antibacterial Orange Berry Hand Cleanse
50438-107 Royal Antibacterial Passion Plum Hand Cleanse
50438-106 Royal Antibacterial Raspberry Hand Cleanse
50438-108 Royal Antibacterial Tropical Fruit Hand Cleanse
50438-300 Royal dandruff Dry Scalp Care
50438-001 ROYAL Epsom Salt
50438-304 Royal Mouthwash Fresh and Clean Original Mint
50438-400 Royal Petroleum (Cocoa Scent)
50438-401 Royal Petroleum (Vitamin E Enriched)
50438-502 Vaporizing Chest Rub Cough Supressant
50438-807 Virx
50435-100 Virx Hand Sanitizer Liquid
50435-101 Virx Hand Sanitizer Liquid
50438-002 VIRX Instant Hand Sanitizer with moisturizers and Vitamin E
50438-100 Virx Instant Hand Sanitizer with moisturizers and Vitamin E
50438-200 Virx Instant Hand Sanitizer with security clip