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NDC Database last updated 12/26/2018

0113-2054 12 hour decongestant
0113-2141 Acid Reducer
0113-0047 Acid Reducer Maximum Strength
0113-2176 All Day Allergy-D
0113-2476 Allergy
0113-2013 Allergy and Congestion Relief
0113-0110 fresh and pure
0113-0067 Good Sense Triple Antibiotic
0113-0028 Good Sense 24 hour allergy nasal
0113-0852 Good Sense Acid Reducer
0113-0876 Good Sense Acid Reducer
0113-0950 good sense acid reducer
0113-0141 good sense acid reducer
0113-0194 Good Sense Acid Reducer
0113-0271 Good Sense Acid Reducer
0113-0934 Good Sense Adult Tussin DM
0113-9458 Good Sense all day allergy
0113-0176 Good Sense All Day Allergy D
0113-0368 Good Sense All Day Pain Relief
0113-9490 good sense all day pain relief
0113-0425 Good Sense Aller Ease
0113-0571 good sense aller ease
0113-0463 good sense allergy
0113-0379 good sense allergy
0113-0165 Good Sense Allergy and Congestion Relief
0113-1165 good sense allergy and congestion relief non drowsy 24 hour
0113-0013 good sense allergy and congestion relief
0113-0027 good sense allergy eye
0113-0476 Good Sense Allergy Multi Symptom
0113-0479 good sense allergy relief
0113-0462 Good Sense Allergy Relief
0113-0404 good sense allergy relief 4 hour
0113-0612 good sense allergy relief
0113-0042 Good Sense Allergy Relief
0113-0009 Good Sense Antacid
0113-0881 Good Sense Antacid
0113-0904 good sense antacid
0113-0851 good sense antacid
0113-0962 good sense antacid
0113-0588 Good Sense Antacid Maximum Strength
0113-0595 good sense antacid
0113-0478 good sense antacid
0113-0485 good sense antacid
0113-0489 good sense antacid
0113-0468 good sense antacid
0113-0179 good sense antacid
0113-0357 Good Sense Antacid Regular Strength
0113-0340 good sense antacid
0113-0377 Good Sense Anti Diarrheal
0113-0224 Good Sense anti diarrheal
0113-0541 good sense anti itch
0113-0973 Good Sense Anti Itch
0113-0291 good sense anti nausea
0113-0259 good sense aspirin
0113-0274 Good Sense aspirin
0113-0277 good sense aspirin
0113-0535 Good Sense Aspirin Enteric Safety Coated
0113-0467 good sense aspirin
0113-0416 good sense aspirin
0113-0154 good sense athletes foot
0113-0857 Good Sense Athletes Foot antifungal
0113-0884 good sense childrens all day allergy
0113-0974 good sense childrens all day allergy
0113-0189 Good Sense Childrens All Day Allergy
0113-0503 Good Sense Childrens All Day Allergy
0113-0906 good sense childrens cold and allergy
0113-0987 Good Sense Childrens Cold and Cough
0113-0911 good sense childrens ibuprofen oral suspension
0113-0839 Good Sense Childrens Mucus Relief
0113-0419 Good Sense Childrens Mucus Relief Cough
0113-0212 Good Sense Childrens Pain and Fever
0113-0608 good sense childrens pain and fever
0113-0020 good sense childrens pain and fever
0113-0998 Good Sense Childrens Pain and Fever
0113-0306 Good Sense Clear Lax
0113-0308 Good Sense cold multi symptom
0113-0371 Good Sense cold multi symptom
0113-0393 good sense cold
0113-0402 Good Sense Cold Head Congestion
0113-0014 good sense cold
0113-0903 good sense cold
0113-0139 good sense cold and allergy
0113-0299 good sense cold and flu severe
0113-0234 good sense cold head congestion severe
0113-0807 good sense cold remedy non drowsy
0113-0321 Good Sense Complete
0113-0546 good sense complete
0113-0101 Good Sense complete Lice Treatment
0113-0173 good sense complete lice treatment
0113-0173 Good Sense Complete Lice Treatment
0113-0692 good sense cool heat
0113-0666 good sense cough and sore throat night time
0113-0698 good sense cough and sore throat daytime non drowsy
0113-0958 Good Sense Cough DM
0113-0384 good sense cough dm
0113-0818 good sense day time
0113-0282 Good Sense dayhist allergy
0113-0656 Good Sense Daytime non drowsy cold and flu
0113-0994 good sense daytime
0113-0090 good sense DayTime Night Time
0113-0090 good sense daytime nighttime
0113-0032 Good Sense Dual Action Complete
0113-0002 good sense enema
0113-0333 Good Sense enema mineral oil
0113-0923 good sense eye itch relief
0113-0477 Good Sense Fiber Laxative
0113-0084 Good Sense First Aid Antibiotic
0113-0964 good sense flu and severe cold and cough nighttime
0113-0445 good sense flu and severe cold and cough
0113-0096 good sense flu and severe cold and cough daytime
0113-0133 good sense flu and sore throat
0113-0428 Good Sense Gas Relief Extra Strength
0113-0657 good sense gas relief
0113-0202 good sense hair regrowth treatment for women
0113-0294 good sense hair regrowth treatment
0113-0856 Good Sense hair regrowth treatment for women
0113-0798 Good Sense Hair Regrowth Treatment for Men
0113-0430 Good Sense headache formula added strength
0113-0355 Good Sense headache pm
0113-0022 Good Sense Heartburn Relief
0113-0944 Good Sense Hemorrhoidal Maximum Strength Pain Relief
0113-0678 good sense hemorrhoidal
0113-0279 Good Sense Hemorrhoidal
0113-0188 Good Sense Hemorrhoidal
0113-0160 Good Sense Hemorrhoidal
0113-0394 Good Sense hemorrhoidal
0113-0400 Good Sense Hemorrhoidal
0113-0461 Good Sense ibuprofen
0113-0660 Good Sense Ibuprofen Childrens
0113-0647 good sense ibuprofen
0113-0604 good sense ibuprofen
0113-0517 Good Sense ibuprofen
0113-0166 good sense ibuprofen childrens
0113-0685 Good Sense Ibuprofen
0113-0897 good sense ibuprofen childrens
0113-0074 Good Sense ibuprofen
0113-0057 Good Sense ibuprofen infants
0113-0083 good sense ibuprofen cold and sinus
0113-0050 good sense ibuprofen pm
0113-0040 Good Sense Infants Ibuprofen
0113-0622 good sense itch relief
0113-0615 Good Sense itchy eye original prescription strength
0113-0695 good sense jock itch
0113-0117 Good Sense lansoprazole
0113-0866 good sense lice killing
0113-0955 good sense lice treatment
0113-0645 good sense loperamide hydrochloride
0113-0896 Good Sense Lubricant Eye
0113-0323 Good Sense Lubricating Plus
0113-0916 good sense miconazole 1
0113-0081 Good Sense Miconazole 3
0113-0605 good sense miconazole 3
0113-0214 Good Sense Miconazole 7
0113-0825 good sense miconazole 7
0113-0374 good sense migraine formula
0113-0332 good sense milk of magnesia stimulant free
0113-0396 Good Sense milk of magnesia stimulant free
0113-0949 Good Sense Milk of Magnesia
0113-0144 Good Sense Mucus D
0113-0498 Good Sense Mucus ER
0113-0145 Good Sense Mucus Relief Cold and Sinus
0113-0381 Good Sense Mucus Relief cold flu and sore throat
0113-0288 Good Sense Mucus Relief
0113-0922 Good Sense Mucus Relief Severe Congestion and Cold
0113-0023 good sense multi symptom flu and severe cold
0113-0049 Good Sense Muscle
0113-4368 Good Sense Naproxen Sodium
0113-0901 Good Sense Naproxen Sodium
0113-0742 Good Sense Naproxen Sodium
0113-0817 Good Sense Nasal
0113-0065 good sense nasal
0113-0304 Good Sense Nasal
0113-0388 good sense nasal
0113-0443 Good Sense Nasal Allergy
0113-0432 Good Sense Nasal Decongestant
0113-0094 Good Sense Nasal Decongestant PE
0113-0648 Good Sense Nasal Four
0113-0031 Good Sense Nasoflow
0113-0112 good sense nausea relief
0113-0206 good sense nicotine mint
0113-0170 Good Sense Nicotine
0113-0352 Good Sense Nicotine
0113-0344 Good Sense Nicotine
0113-0532 Good Sense Nicotine
0113-0456 Good Sense Nicotine
0113-0422 Good Sense Nicotine
0113-0029 Good Sense Nicotine
0113-0873 good sense nicotine
0113-0734 Good Sense Nicotine
0113-0854 Good Sense Nicotine
0113-0957 Good Sense Nicotine
0113-8365 Good Sense Nicotine
0113-8442 Good Sense Nicotine Stop Smoking Aid
0113-0977 Good Sense night time cold and flu
0113-0990 good sense night time
0113-0056 good sense night time
0113-0041 Good Sense Night Time
0113-0908 Good Sense Night Time Cold and Flu
0113-0335 good sense night time
0113-0872 Good Sense Night Time Cold and Flu
0113-0459 good sense nighttime
0113-0668 Good Sense Nighttime Cough
0113-0567 Good Sense NightTime DayTime Cold and Flu
0113-0431 good sense nighttime sleep aid
0113-0151 good sense nighttime sleep aid
0113-0915 Good Sense Omeprazole
0113-0946 good sense pain and fever infants
0113-8959 Good Sense Pain and Fever
0113-0161 Good Sense pain and fever
0113-0397 Good Sense Pain and Fever
0113-0590 Good Sense Pain and Fever
0113-0544 good sense pain relief arthritis pain
0113-0403 good sense pain relief
0113-0405 good sense pain relief extra strength
0113-0484 Good Sense Pain Relief
0113-0175 good sense pain relief childrens
0113-0187 good sense pain relief extra strength
0113-0217 good sense pain relief 8 hour
0113-0227 Good Sense Pain Relief Extra Strength
0113-0130 good sense pain relief childrens
0113-0105 good sense pain relief childrens
0113-0917 good sense pain relief
0113-0046 Good Sense Pain Relief Extra Strength
0113-0025 Good Sense Pain Relief
0113-0759 good sense pain relief
0113-0008 good sense pain relief infants concentrated
0113-0829 Good Sense pain relief pm extra strength
0113-0837 Good Sense Pain Relief PM Extra Strength
0113-0751 good sense pain relief pm
0113-0437 good sense pain relief pm extra strength
0113-0579 good sense severe cold
0113-0548 Good Sense Severe Daytime Cold and Flu
0113-0603 Good Sense Severe Daytime Cold and Flu
0113-0019 Good Sense Severe NightTime
0113-0763 Good Sense Severe NightTime Cold and Flu
0113-0345 Good Sense Severe Sinus Congestion
0113-0882 good sense simethicone infants
0113-0272 Good Sense Sinus Congestion and Pain
0113-0358 good sense sinus and allergy pe
0113-0997 Good Sense Sinus Relief
0113-0441 Good sense sleep aid
0113-0186 Good Sense Sleep Time
0113-0052 good sense sleep time
0113-0328 Good Sense Sore Throat
0113-0409 good sense stay awake
0113-0469 good sense stomach relief
0113-0337 Good Sense Stomach Relief
0113-0302 Good Sense Stomach Relief original strength
0113-0486 good sense stool softener
0113-0054 Good Sense Suphedrine 12 Hour
0113-0679 Good Sense Triple Antibiotic and Pain Relief
0113-0799 Good Sense tussin dm max
0113-0061 good sense tussin mucus and chest congestion
0113-0296 good sense tussin cf max
0113-0310 good sense tussin chest congestion
0113-0516 good sense tussin cf cough and cold
0113-0703 Good Sense Tussin CF
0113-0578 good sense tussin dm cough and chest congestion
0113-0359 good sense tussin dm
0113-0142 good sense vagicaine anti itch
0113-2002 Mucus D
0113-2304 Nasal
0113-2432 Nasal Decongestant
0113-2365 Nicotine
0113-2442 Nicotine Polacrilex
0113-2003 Option 2
0113-2417 sinus and cold d
0113-2008 sinus congestion
0113-2004 sinus PE
0113-1411 smart health aspirin regular strength
0113-6000 Tru Relief Nicotine
0113-6001 Tru Relief Nicotine
0113-2310 Tussin
0113-2061 tussin mucus plus chest congestion