Currently, 12 products are in the National Drug Codes database by LIVE BETTER (The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company).

Each product can have multiple packaging varieties. When you select the NDC, all varieties will be displayed.

NDC Database last updated 12/26/2018

53187-189 24 Hour Allergy
53187-129 All Day Allergy
53187-220 All Day Allergy
53187-470 Daytime Cold and Flu relief
53187-530 Gas Relief ultra strength
53187-242 Gas Relief Extra Strength
53187-199 Ibuprofen
53187-670 Nasal Decongestant Maximum Strength
53187-480 Nighttime Cold Flu Relief
53187-230 Nighttime Sleep Aid maximum strength
53187-236 NightTime Sleep Aid Maximum Strength
53187-238 Stool Softener