Dalton Chiropractic Llc (1043627797)




Dalton Chiropractic Llc is a Chiropractor in the FREMONT area. Dalton Chiropractic Llc primary office location is at 2127 E 23RD AVE S and new patients are welcome to contact this healthcare organization for an appointment. The NPI number is 1043627797 and the information was updated approximately 6 years ago.

We have not detected any Exclusions tied directly to this NPI.

Accepts Medicare Assignment: Unknown

Participates in PECOS: NO

Primary Practice Location Information
2127 E 23RD AVE S
FREMONT, NE 68025-2498 US
Phone: (402)-727-1677
Practice Mailing Information
2127 E 23RD AVE S
FREMONT, NE 68025-2498 US
Phone: (402)-727-1677
Fax: (402)-727-1678

Additional Addresses: 0

Dalton Chiropractic Llc

Enumeration date: 7/15/2014

Provider data last updated: 7/15/2014

Actual Date information was updated is: 8/10/2014

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We have taken a look at the inbound as well as outbound patient referrals for this organization. Any Chiropractors at the same geographic location are not included.

The percentage ranking of the patient referrals is based on the 50 nearest competitors, including this Chiropractors. The outbound referrals are fifty-one percent. The inbound patient referrals rank at the fifty-three percent mark.


The number of inbound referrals is lower than the average number of inbound referrals (396 vs. 1,636) for organizations like DALTON CHIROPRACTIC LLC.

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Referral Data (Cumulative 2009-2017)

Cumulative Referral Data for Dalton Chiropractic Llc 2009-2017

License Number State
1593 NE

No Identifiers found

No Hospital Affiliations found

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