What is Pecos Monitoring?

PECOS stands for the Provider Enrollment and Chain/Ownership System. It was created by CMS as an electronic portal for Medicare enrollment of physicians, non-physician practitioners, and provider and supplier organizations.

PECOS Monitoring is our PECOS Bulk Search solution we have developed. It will automate your PECOS search/monitoring for you and email you with all updates of the data we monitor for you.

In addition to the standard PECOS data, we include the status for Part B, HHA, DME, PMD permissions/enrollments.

Here is a short video to introduce the solution to you.

For some background, the database was last updated 10/29/2020. The database is comprised of 1,603,534 records.

In this update, 1,139 records were added and 33,307 records were removed compared to the previous update.

CMS updates this PECOS data, including adding and dropping providers, several times per week. We have automated the process of bulk pecos search and keeping track of all updates with our PECOS Monitoring solution. Here's all you have to do:

  • Create your list online to enter or upload the NPI numbers. Alternatively, send us your list and we will upload it. You can update your list at any time.
  • Your list is available anytime and can be downloaded with any additions you have made to see changes as CMS adds and drops providers with each update.
  • Everytime the CMS PECOS data is updated, we will send you an email that shows which of the NPI numbers you are monitoring have had their enrollment status changed.

How Do We Get Started?

Select the PECOS Monitoring subscription you would like to purchase below. Once you have completed your purchase we will automatically create your account access.

You can upgrade at any time as your needs evolve.

Simply begin entering the NPI records you want to monitor or upload your list and instantly view results. You can also send us your list. After that, we will automatically email you if the PECOS status has changed for any of the NPI numbers you have entered.

You can view the status of the the NPI records online anytime as well as update your list of NPI records easily at anytime.

We will let you know how many of the 1,603,534 records in the PECOS database that are NPI records we are monitoring for you. You don't have to worry if the 1,139 records that were added match the records we are monitoring or how many of the 33,307 records that were removed include records that we are monitoring for you.

We do all the hard work for you!


The pricing of the the service is based on the number of NPI records you want to monitor. Select the subscription you wish to purchase below and add it to your shopping cart:

Remember that with your purchase you can update your list whenever you want and you have unlimited access to view the list as well as generate Excel files with the latest PECOS status during the subscription period. And we will automatically e-mail you highlighting changes in enrollment status for your monitored NPI records with every CMS update during that period.

Number of NPI records4 months accessOne year access
Maximum 25 NPI numbers
Maximum 75 NPI numbers
Maximum 125 NPI numbers
Maximum 250 NPI numbers
Maximum 500 NPI numbers
Maximum 1,000 NPI numbers
Maximum 5,000 NPI numbers
Maximum 10,000 NPI numbers
Maximum 25,000 NPI numbers
Over 25,000 NPI numbersContact UsContact Us

100% No-Risk Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% No-Risk Guarantee. If you don't like our Bulk PECOS Monitoring solution over the next 14 days, we will happily refund 100% of your money. No questions asked.