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What is NPI Monitoring?

CMS relases updates to the NPPES database. These have been available as full replacement monthly NPI File. Starting in 2012, weekly updates were added in addition to the monthly replacements.

The publicly downloadable NPI database is used by many websites. Most sites use the monthly updates. We update our data based on BOTH the weekly and monthly updates. Our data was last updated 5/19/2020.

Each NPI record has a field that records the 'official' date the data was updated. We have detected that in many cases, this date is not accurate and should not be relied on.

Prior to October 2012, the publically available data only included active NPI records and no deactivated records. After that time period, decativated records in the available datae had all information removed besides the NPI number and the deactivation date.

Our data warehouse keeps all NPI-related information to even if a NPI number has been deactivated, we have all available data prior to deactivation to know which provider or organization is matched to a NPI number.

An example of our data warehouse can be found at this link: Dramtic Increase of Emigration of Healthcare Professionals from Puerto Rico to Mainland US as Aftermath Of Hurricane Maria (June 2019 Data).

Data Analysis

What Is In The Data?

Each NPI record has 329 data items. The data can be categorized as follows:

  • Provider Information, such as first name, last name, credentials. This also includes Other Provider Information (dba name, etc.)
  • Organization Information. May contain names as well as other business-related information.
  • Practice Location Information. This includes addresses as well as telephone numbers.
  • Practice Mailing Information. This mailing address may be different than the practice address or the same.
  • Identifier Information. This could be MEDICARE, MEDICAID or other information.
  • License Information, such as state medical licenses, can be found in this group of data.
  • Provider Taxonomy Codes that were entered by the NPI holder. Many are related to states.
  • Taxonomy Group Codes are sometimes recorded by organizations.
  • Authorized Officials are normally entered for organizations.

Any of the data can be modified in the weekly or monthly data updates.

Tracking all NPI record updates for You!

Trying to find any and all updates in each of the 329 data items of a NPI record can be difficult. Our sevice makes this very easy and simple. Thanks to our ongoing history tracking of the NPI data, we know exactly when and which data has been changed.

Our NPI Monitoring Data is available from the first records in 2005 to the present day.

We make it easy for you to use this service.

In addition to an emailed notification, if you want a detailed report of what has changed in an NPI record that will let you compare the previous version of the data as well as the current state, you can purchase our NPI Monitoring services.

Our subscription-based service will monitor for you the NPI database and alert you if the data for a NPI record has been changed and quickly show you exactly what has changed compared to the previous version of the data for the duration of your subscription.

You quickly view the details of the data updates online.