NPI Monitoring Will Help You Be Proactive Before Updates Impact Your Business

The Most Up-to-Date

The publicly downloadable NPI database is used by many websites. But NPI Monitoring is the only monitoring system that updates our data based on BOTH the weekly and monthly updates from CMS.

The NPI database was last updated

Federal Exclusion Tracking*

The Federal exclusions data we monitor is linked to NPI numbers. Exclusions we monitor are OIG (Office of Inspector General) exclusions as well as SAM (System for Award Management) exclusions. Some of this data is updated daily and we will notify you if we detect any exclusions tied to the NPI we are monitoring.

Comprehensive Points of Data

Each NPI record has 329 data items. Any of the data can be modified in the weekly or monthly data updates. Our NPI Monitoring Data is available from the first public records in 2005 to the present day. We make it easy for you to use this service. You can select any of or our services.

Monitor Any NPI

You can monitor the data of any NPI. No matter if it is your own, a team members or even a competitors. You can select how many NPI records you want to monitor. We will even reduce the price if you decide to track larger numbers of NPI (Price reductions begin with more than 5 NPI). And you can gain siginficant savings if you subscribe for a year instead of monthly.

Ongoing History Tracking*

Trying to find any and all updates in each of the 329 data items of an NPI record can be difficult. Our service makes this very easy and simple. Thanks to our ongoing history tracking of the NPI data, we know exactly when and which data has been changed. Our data warehouse keeps all NPI-related information to even if an NPI number has been deactivated, we have all available data prior to deactivation.

Enhanced PECOS/Medicare Monitoring*

CMS updates this PECOS data, including adding and dropping providers, several times per week. We automatically track of all updates of the PECOS data for you. Our data uindludes:

  • Part B - Claims from Clinical Lab and Imaging Claims
  • DME - Claims from suppliers of Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics and Supplies (DMEPOS) for ordered DMEPOS
  • HHA - Claims from Part A Home Health Agencies (HHAs)
  • PMD - Claims from Power Mobility Devices (PMD)

The PECOS database was last updated and is comprised of records.

*Certain Features require NPI Monitoring Plus subscription

Get notified when monitored
data changes

Simplify NPI Monitoring
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See ongoing changes
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Hear From Some Satisifed NPI Monitoring Customers:

We receive automated updates when data changes. Including the Federal Exclusion checks gives us the peace of mind knowing we can become proactive before there are issues with our billing.
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Francis G., MD

Internal Medicine Physician

We now have one place where we track the NPI data of all of our team members. Additionally, we receive notifications on the PECOS enrollment status of all ot the providers. Weekly update notices sent to me make life easier.
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David R.

Practice Administrator

NPI Monitoring is a great time saver. I do not have to spend time looking up data and making sure nothing changes without me knowing about it.
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Amy F.

Nurse Practitioner