Your NPI may already be compromised, and you don't know it.


Prevent Your ID Theft with ProviderLock

NPI fraud is on the rise, causing providers financial ruin. The only way to prevent yourself from becoming a victim is with active monitoring and reporting.

Get full monitoring protection starting at $9.99/mo. per NPI+, no matter what type of healthcare provider you are.

If you have an NPI, you are at risk of your information being used.

What is Provider ID Theft?

Criminal use of physician credentialing numbers, such as your National Provider Identifier (NPI), to perpetrate billing fraud is on the rise. Some estimates place potential fraud between $100 to $500 billion a year.

Can CMS Help?

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) admits it lacks the technology to identify these fake medical providers.

Can it Happen to Me?

If you're like many physicians, your NPI may have already been compromised, and you don't know it. The only way to prevent identity theft is to monitor and report fraud when it happens.

How does it impact Individual Providers?

For an individual physician, being wrongly accused of medical fraud through identity theft can mean financial disaster, to the tune of $650,000 to $700,000.

How can a Provider protect themselves?

ProviderLock makes it simple. With continuous monitoring, you'll see if your profile has inaccurate information and be notified immediately when something changes on your record.

Simplify NPI Monitoring
with email notifications

Get notified when monitored
data changes

See ongoing changes
with history tracking

ProviderLock Will Help You Be Proactive Before Theft Occurs

The Most Up-to-Date

The publicly downloadable NPI database is used by many websites. But ProviderLock is the only monitoring system that updates our data based on BOTH the weekly and monthly updates from CMS.

Enhanced License Monitoring*

By default, we will begin monitoring any license number you have entered with your NPI data. You can add additional license information and we will monitor it for and notify you if we detect any other providers using the same license information.

Federal Exclusion Tracking*

The Federal exclusions data we monitor is linked to NPI numbers. Exclusions we monitor are OIG (Office of Inspector General) exclusions as well as SAM (System for Award Management) exclusions. Some of this data is updated daily and we will notify you if we detect any exclusions tied to the NPI we are monitoring.

Ongoing History Tracking

Trying to find any and all updates in each of the 329 data items of an NPI record can be difficult. Our service makes this very easy and simple. Thanks to our ongoing history tracking of the NPI data, we know exactly when and which data has been changed. Our data warehouse keeps all NPI-related information to even if an NPI number has been deactivated, we have all available data prior to deactivation.

Comprehensive Points of Data

Each NPI record has 329 data items. Any of the data can be modified in the weekly or monthly data updates. Our NPI Monitoring Data is available from the first public records in 2005 to the present day. We make it easy for you to use this service. You can select any of or our services.

Monitor Any NPI

You can monitor the data of any NPI. No matter if it is your own, a team members or even a competitors. You can select how many NPI records you want to monitor. We will even reduce the price if you decide to track larger numbers of NPI (Price reductions begin with more than 5 NPI). And you can gain siginficant savings if you subscribe for a year instead of monthly.

*Certain Features require ProviderLock Plus subscription

Hear From Some Satisifed ProviderLock Customers

A colleague of mine had his practice address changed and he didn't know about it for a year. Thankfully, nothing bad happened. ProviderLock will prevent this from happening to me.
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Dr. Alex P.


ProviderLock gives me peace of mind. I am busy enough without having to worry if my data has been updated without me knowing about it. I can better focus on what is important.
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Jennifer S.

Nurse Practitioner

I have not found any other service that comes close to what ProviderLock does for the price. Being able to monitor my additional licenses is amazing. I can't believe you guys don't charge more!
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Frank T., MD

Internal Medicine Physician