What is Referral Insights Analysis?

Would you like to know how many patients are sent to you by your referring physicians and referring facilities instead of being sent to your competitors?

We can provide you those insights utilizing CMS referral information. This fast data store tracks providers and facilitites who treat patients.

This data can be used by practices and providers as a proxy for the healthcare network in order to examine referral information. The data is used to model the network share of patient referrals between providers, groups of providers and facilities.

We will use these datasets to provide AI-based analysis of the referral data of your practice or facilities. We will provide the data to you online so you can view it online in a Pivot Table as well as download the data. Additionally, we visualize the data showing the distances between referral sources and destinations.

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What Is In The Data?

Data is available from 2009 to 2017.

The data indicates shared relationships between physicians and other healthcare providers indicating the number of patients they share as well as who saw the patient first.

The datasets are very large. For example, the 2015 dataset is over 120 million records of referral data.

Correlation does not equal causation. The data can, however, visualize referral networks to help a practice gain isnight into their referral network and where patients are being referred to.

The datasets for 2014-2017 include the following:

  • The first provider or facilitiy seen in sequence, idenitified by NPI.
  • The second provider or facilitiy seen in sequence, idenitified by NPI.
  • The total number of patients shared between the two providers (or faciiltities) over the yearly period.
  • The transaction count, the number of times that a patient switched between the two providers, or visits.
  • The average number of days it took for a patient to visit the second provider after having seen the first provider.

The datasets for 2009-2013 include the following:

  • The provider or facilitiy source, idenitified by NPI.
  • The provider or facilitiy destination, idenitified by NPI.
  • The total number of patients shared between the two providers (or facilities) over the yearly period.
  • The referral total, the number of times that a patient switched between the two providers (or facilities), or visits.
  • The same day totals, the number of times a patient switched between the two providers (or facilities) in the same day.

Filtering Data On-Demand

The raw data can include lab referrals, Durable Medical Equipment (DME) providers, long-term care facilities, hospitals and other healthcare providers . This referral information may be unimportant to practices using the data to gain insights into referral patterns.

Or, this may be the data you want to focus on.

To eliminate distracting information and focus on the shared relationships you are interested in, you provide us with the NPI numbers of your providers' as well as the competitors' NPI numbers.

With this filtered approach, referral patterns become vey easy to identify. We can also filter providers by locations and/or taxonomy codes.

We can also identify for you all other relevant referral destinations from the same referral sources to discover unknown competitors.

How Do We Get Started?

Use our online form to provide us with the required information. Enter your NPI numbers as well as those of the competitor's.

We will verify that the NPI belongs to the individual and or organization you want.

Providers who saw less than 11 distinct patients together are not included in the referral datasets. There must be at least 11 transactions between two providers, at least one for each patient.


The cost for the information is $2,450 per yearly data analysis, as datasets are grouped by year.

This includes processing the data, generating the reports and data analysis.

We can provide multi-year data analysis at a discount as well as more customization, all available for additional fees.

We can also identify other significant referral sources and destinations you may not be aware of.