Personal Care Attendant Technician
Taxonomy Code 3747P1801X

Classification: Technician

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An individual who provides assistance with eating, bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, activities of daily living as specified in the plan of care. Services which are incidental to the care furnished, or essential to the health and welfare of the individual may also be provided. Personal care providers must meet state defined training and certification standards


[7/1/2003: definition added]

Additional Taxonomy Codes from Personal Care Attendant Technician

  • 374700000X Technician
    (1) A person with specialized training in a narrow field of expertise whose occupation requires training and is skilled in specific technical processes and procedures. (2) An individual having special skill or practical knowledge in an area, such as operation and maintenance of equipment or performance of laboratory procedures involving biochemical analyses. Special technical qualifications are normally required, though an increasing number or technicians also possess university degrees in science, and occasionally doctorate degrees. The distinction between technician and technologist in the health care field is not always clear.
  • 3747A0650X Attendant Care Provider Technician
    An individual who provides hands-on care, of both a supportive and health related nature, specific to the needs of a medically stable, physically handicapped individual. Supportive services are those that substitute for the absence, loss, diminution, or impairment of a physical or cognitive function. This service may include skilled or nursing care to the extent permitted by state law.

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