Taxonomy Codes Search now Available

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Healthcare providers and organizations can have one or more taxonomy codes. These codes are used to classify healthcare providers and organizations. For example, the code111N00000X is for a Chiropractor and the code 3336C0004X is for a Compounding Pharmacy. 

We have added the ability search and view taxonomy codes. You can search by entering a taxonomy code or part of a taxonomy code. Additionally, you can query using words that can be found in the taxonomy code specification, classification or definition. The following image shows part of the search results the search term 'arm'

The search results will let you quickly view all relevant information, including if a taxonomy code is for individuals or organizations. The Healthcare Provider Taxonomy Codes and code descriptions that health care providers select when applying for NPIs may or may not be the same as the categorizations used by Medicare and other health plans in their enrollment and credentialing activities. 

The Healthcare Provider Taxonomy Code or code description information collected by NPPES is used to help uniquely identify health care providers in order to assign them NPIs, not to ensure that they are credentialed or qualified to render health care.

Once you select a taxonomy code, all relevant information is displayed. Some of our special features are the following: Displaying provider/organization ratios per state using both a color-coded map as well as a list of states and the specific numbers. The 2014 Census Population Estimates are used to calculate the ratios.

In the following example, a chiropractor taxonomy code is displayed. You can quickly see that the provider ratio is very high in both Maryland and Delaware.


The list view includes a link for each state that will only show the providers/organizations that have the selected taxonomy code. We display data for all providers/organization, irregardless if the selected taxonomy code is the primary code or a secondary code.


Once you select a state, the information for  providers/organizations with the selected taxonomy are displayed. Details can be viewed by selected a specific provider or organization.


So, go ahead and give it a try. See what you can discover!