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Data Visualization for your referral data

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Data Visualization for your referral data
I am very happy to introduce an update to our offerings. If you have seen the data visualization on the NPI relationships pages - displaying top 10 referral sources and destinations for a provider or organization, we now give you the same data visualization to you when you purchase top 40 referral sources and destinations.
The visualization is available simply by clicking on the button in the My Data section. Currently, the visualization is available for the new data (2009-2015). We are working on enabling this feature for the older data sets.
my data view
Details easy to see
Patient and visit details are easy to see. Simply move your mouse over the connector between referral source/desitnation and selected NPI and the details will appear in a popup window.
This is exaclty the same data  available in the spreadsheet you can already purchase.
details view