Certified Respiratory Therapist (Emergency Care)
Taxonomy Code 2278E0002X

Classification: Respiratory Therapist, Certified

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The immediate availability of diagnostic and therapeutic cardiopulmonary services in the assessment and management of trauma victims, patients requiring airway management and others requiring emergency care.

Additional Taxonomy Codes from Certified Respiratory Therapists

  • 227800000X Certified Respiratory Therapist
    A Certified Respiratory Therapist (CRT) is a an entry level therapist who has passed a standardized written examination administered by the National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC). CRTs provide diagnostic testing, therapeutics, monitoring, rehabilitation, and education to patients with disorders of the cardiopulmonary system. They provide these respiratory care services in all health care facilities and in the home. A CRT is a graduate of an associate degree program approved by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Educational Programs (CAAHEP) and where applicable, is licensed by the state and is practicing within the scope of the license.
  • 2278C0205X Certified Respiratory Therapist (Critical Care)
    Respiratory emergencies are commonplace in the treatment of critical care patients. Included in the assessment measurements conducted by the respiratory therapist in the critical care settings are arterial blood gas puncture and analysis, intrarterial monitoring, bedside measurements of lung mechanics, hemodynamic monitoring, and inspired and expired gas measurements. This is coupled with the initiation and management of mechanical ventilation patients.
  • 2278E1000X Certified Respiratory Therapist (Educational)
    The focus of patient and family education activities is to promote knowledge of disease process, medical therapy, and self help. Respiratory therapists are uniquely qualified to provide this service in regard to cardiopulmonary diseases and injury.
  • 2278G0305X Certified Respiratory Therapist (Geriatric Care)
    Care of older patients who have age and/or disease related decremental pulmonary changes. Diagnosis and treatment is very important for this group since chronic lung disease is the major cause of morbidity and mortality among them. Furthermore, as this segment of the population increases, life expectancy is being extended.
  • 2278G1100X Certified Respiratory Therapist (General Care)
    This level of care includes diagnostics testing, therapeutics, monitoring, rehabilitation of patients with disorders of the cardiopulmonary system, as well as, education of the patient and family in regard to those disorders.
  • 2278H0200X Certified Respiratory Therapist (Home Health)
    Home care fosters individual responsibility for self-management of chronic respiratory conditions. It includes individualized assessment based plans of care service developed to promote safe, proper, and sustained use of prescribed respiratory therapy medications, equipment, and techniques in the home.
  • 2278P1004X Certified Respiratory Therapist (Pulmonary Diagnostics)
    Included in the area of pulmonary diagnostics are the following; collection and analysis of physiological specimens, interpretation of physiological data, administration of tests of the cardiopulmonary system, and the conduct of both neurophysiological and sleep disorders studies.
  • 2278P1005X Certified Respiratory Therapist (Pulmonary Rehabilitation)
    The respiratory therapist can assist the chronic pulmonary patient in returning to an optimal role in society by providing an effective program. It includes bronchopulmonary drainage, exercise therapy, and patient education.
  • 2278P1006X Certified Respiratory Therapist (Pulmonary Function Technologist)
    An individual who is trained and qualified to perform pulmonary diagnostic tests. In the course of conducting these tests, the Pulmonary Function Technologist is able to setup, calibrate, maintain, and ensure the quality assurance of the pulmonary function testing equipment. In the laboratory, clinical or patient care setting the technologist instructs patients, elicits cooperation, performs procedures, monitors patient response, and evaluates patient performance. Tests results are calculated, compared with predicted normal ranges, and evaluated for reliability. The technologist collects clinical history data and evaluates the clinical implications of the test results.
  • 2278P3800X Certified Respiratory Therapist (Palliative/Hospice)
    A coordinated plan of care to help dying patients and their families handle the burden of terminal care. Effective secretion management and relief of dyspnea are paramount in caring for patients with end-stage pulmonary disease.
  • 2278P3900X Certified Respiratory Therapist (Neonatal/Pediatrics)
    The care and treatment of premature infants, newborns and children. This includes management of mechanical ventilation, assessment, diagnostics and generalized respiratory treatments.
  • 2278P4000X Certified Respiratory Therapist (Patient Transport)
    Transport respiratory therapist provide patient assessment, initiation of treatment modalities and continued monitoring of patient status of the critically ill and injured patients with special attention to advanced airway and ventilator management. The transport respiratory therapist knowledge and experience with complex neonatal, pediatric and adult patient care issues provides them with an expertise to assist with any patient care issue in a variety of transport modes.
  • 2278S1500X Certified Respiratory Therapist (SNF/Subacute Care)
    Care of residents in a long-term care environment. Respiratory modalities delivered include those similar in the general care and critical care areas but provided to less critical patients.

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