Custodial Care Facility (Adult Care Home)
Taxonomy Code 311ZA0620X

Classification: Custodial Care Facility

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A custodial care facility providing supportive and personal care services to disabled and/or elderly individuals who cannot function independently in most areas of activity and need assistance and monitoring to enable them to remain in a home like environment.


[7/1/2003: new]

Additional Taxonomy Codes from Custodial Care Facilites

  • 311Z00000X Custodial Care Facility
    A facility providing care that serves to assist an individual in the activities of daily living, such as assistance in walking, getting in and out of bed, bathing, dressing, feeding, and using the toilet, preparation of special diets, and supervision of medication that usually can be self-administered. Custodial care essentially is personal care that does not require the continuing attention of trained medical or paramedical personnel.

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Custodial Care Facilites (Adult Care Home) per State