0 NPPES database deactivations included on 11/8/2010

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The monthly National Plan and Provider Enumeration System(NPPES) database release have climbed to 317,958 records. NPI database changes in this monthly update have the following details: 39,947 Organization updates, 113,789 individual updates and 0 deactivations.
0 NPPES database deactivations included on 11/8/2010, Top 10 cities, New York, Houston, Brooklyn, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Portland, PhoenIX, Rochester, MiamI
New York, with 2,296 updates remains the leading city this month from the 12,697 updates of the top ten cities. California is the leading state this month with 17,501 updates of the 153,736 updates. New York follows in second place with 13,321 updates.