Unlisted ambulance service

Basic Information

Added: 1/1/1987
HCPCS Action Effective Date


HCPCS Action Code/Description

N / No maintenance for this code

Short Description: Unlisted ambulance service
Long Description: Unlisted ambulance service
Anesthesia Base Unit Quantity


Service Code Information

HCPCS Berenson-Eggers Type Of Service Code/Description:

O1A / Ambulance

HCPCS Type Of Service Code #1 D
Type Of Service Cod #1 Description Ambulance (eff 04/95)

Pricing/Coverage Information

Coverage Code D
Description Special coverage instructions apply
Pricing Indicator Code #1 57
Pricing Indicator Code #1 Description Other carrier priced
Pricing Indicator Code #1 Type Other
Multi-Pricing Indicator Code A
Description Not applicable as HCPCS priced under one methodology
Medicare Carriers Manual Reference Section #1 2120.1
Medicare Carriers Manual Reference Section #2 2125