Referral Destinations for Jeffrey Mark Waldman

The referral data shown here is for the referral destinations of the Medicare patients of Jeffrey Mark Waldman. This may not be all of the patients but in most cases is a valid indicator of the number of overall referrals made, especially compared to similar providers.

Here is A Quick Way to see how JEFFREY M. WALDMAN, M.D. compares to other Obstetricians & Gynecologists

We can gain a quick overview by looking at this physicians' inbound and outbound patient referrals. Any Obstetricians & Gynecologists at the same geographic location are not included.

The percentage ranking of the inbound and outbound patient referrals is based on the fifty nearest competitors, including this Obstetricians & Gynecologists. The outbound referrals are 7%. The inbound patient referrals rank at the 7% mark.

What do the referral numbers of these Obstetricians & Gynecologists mean?

The number of inbound referrals (37) is lower than the average number of inbound referrals (3,487) for physicians like JEFFREY M. WALDMAN, M.D..

Referral Destinations by Taxonomy

Below we are displaying the Referral Destinations of Jeffrey Mark Waldman categorized by taxonomy for the selected year. You can select the tab to view details for each year.

Please note that we are only displaying the top 10 referrals destinations.

The information in the treemap graph shows the number of appointments for patients for 2016 referred other providers and facilities by Jeffrey Mark Waldman, grouped by taxonomies . When you move your mouse over one of the taxonomies, it will provide you with additional information, including the patient count.

Below we are displaying the Referral Sources of Jeffrey Mark Waldman in a grid for 2016. You can sort the information by either taxonomy, appointment count or patient count. The default sort order is appointment count.